I composed the soundtrack and developed a dynamic, musical SFX system. I also worked with an amazing songwriter to create a theme song for the game.

I collaborated with a team of artists and programmers to develop a dynamic music and SFX system (affectionately named the “Sonic Shuffle”). A version of the original soundtrack, Tunes to Trace by, will be available across major streaming platforms later this year.

I worked on the music for the 3D Charades activity along with a set of global SFX and SFX specific to the minigame.

Additional Projects

A track of mine will be featured alongside industry leading game composers in the upcoming rhythm game, Dualjoy.

I worked with a writer to begin production on a podcast version of the article series, "Insane Before the Sun.” I handled mixing, sound design, electronic soundscape work, and composition of the theme. Listen to a sketch of our work below.

Music and Sound Replacement