What I’m Doing Now

I finished music and sound design for the Oculus Go title, The Stars Between Us a little while ago! It was a joy to work on and it’s been really gratifying seeing people enjoy it.

One of my teams took a big step on one of the projects I’ve been working on, and so far, it’s looking great! We can’t wait to share details with the wider world.

I’m still working my way through Yu Yu Hakusho and loving it - most importantly, I love how Yusuke’s being handled in (what I think is) the last arc. There are some really amazing things to take away from it, honestly, with some really interesting implications for how a society is (and ought to be) built. I may even write something up about it.

My partner and I are almost ready to launch one of our projects! We’re crossing the final hurdles now and really excited about it. (But we also just moved. Almost there.)

Updated May 3rd, 2019