What I’m Doing Now

I’ve finished music and sound design for a VR title on Oculus Go! It’s releasing soon and I’m looking forward to sharing.

I’m still plugging away at a few projects in semi-secret (one of which I’ve soft-launched with my partner - who I had an amazing time with in Paris) and progress on those is developing, though not without snags.

I’ve gotten back into anime recently and caught up on the latest release of Ajin: Demi-Human on Netflix. It’s an incredibly dark series which I found oddly.. soothing? There are plenty of stories of objectively “good” characters occasionally doing “bad” things, and I see Ajin as more of a story of several objectively “bad” characters working together to achieve a greater “good,” almost in spite of themselves. Something about that is weirdly inspiring. I’ve also been playing The Life of Pablo and Ye in heavy rotation.

Aside from that, I find myself craving some good non-fiction. I’ve been perusing the book lists offered by Mark Manson and Derek Sivers. I’m looking forward to diving into those.

Updated March 12th, 2019