What I’m Doing Now

I started a game studio! Our website is still in development, but we’re entering pre-production on our first title now. My partner and I also finally launched our website all about love and relationships. I also just signed to start work on the soundtrack for a game I’m very excited about getting involved with (details soon), and there’s one more project going on behind the scenes - the public announcement there is headed for June 2020, but I’ll probably be posting teasers on my personal social media channels as we move towards that.

Overall, I’ve been fantastic. Things are really moving in the direction I’ve been wanting them to for months and it’s wonderful. There have been a few difficult moments along the way, (as there always are), but I feel like I’m getting a sense for what I want my life to look like and it feels good seeing some of that manifest.

I was completely blown away by Nintendo’s E3 and I have a massive list of games to look into over the next year as a result. I also just picked up a Ps4! So I’m getting started with: Tetris Effect, Cadence of Hyrule, and Devil May Cry 5. and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

what a time to be alive

Updated June 13th, 2019