King of the Hat

Style Ideas


So this one's a bit tricky for me because I don't think there are any perfect examples for what would work best for this game.

That said, I think the aesthetic that you're looking for here is an electronic and organic hybrid style:

We want to support the "video game"-ness of the title and the aesthetic of the sprites with sounds inspired by chiptune, 8-bit, traditional NES styled sounds, "HD" electronic ideas inspired in part by modern EDM, with maybe a detour in SNES and Sega Genesis style tracks.

But we want to root things in some organic real-world ideas, too - feature some live drums and drum samples, maybe a sampled voice here or there, a bit of strings, some piano, stuff like that.

Go for:

65% Electronic

35% Organic



Here are some sort of decent ideas/examples, but like I said, nothing here is perfect:


Watermelon, Battleblock Theater

BBT has a flash-animated cartoony style that could serve as some inspiration - this track has some electronic vgm tones but the drums are more modern + vocal samples. It has the perfect mood for a piece of bgm, but I'd go for adding more vgm elements to it and more melodic, organic elements

Holo-Pearl, Steven Universe

The creators of steven universe are big admirers of videogames and the composers for the show are actually from the chiptune scene - it's one traditional composer (also a pianist) and a chiptune artist working together

The mood here isn't quite right - I'd dial up the electronic elements of this track and make things more energetic to support KOTH

Water Damage, Steven Universe

I love the dark feel of this and think it'd fit pretty well for theme-music for Dark Birthday. The style could be adapted into BGM (add more energy to it overall) for the more menacing stages.


Aside from that, my own demo has some flavorings of this kind of an idea - if you hear anything on it that strikes your fancy, I'm happy to share how I got any of these sounds. The first few vids are sound-replacement exercises, last two are from projects I worked on - embedded at the bottom for convenience


Aside from that, lemme know what you think of these ideas! The 'hybrid' thing is a pretty common solution in indie game scoring these days, but if it's treated with the right amount of care, I think it'll be perfect for your game - plus, there's still plenty of space to do a chiptune/big-band hybrid track or two. winkyfaceemoji

ok im out