here's the album mayb listen while u read

Tunes to Trace by

Artistic direction pitch


What I'm looking for at its core is:

  • Album Art
  • Materials to use in Digital Booklet (to accompany album)
  • Consultation/Editing of Digital Booklet
  • Quote(s)

Basically, I want to get some new album art designed + I think I'm going to design a digital booklet to go along with it - since I'm not a professional graphic designer, I could use some consultation (and/or editing) of the booklet to make sure I fit the iTunes store guidelines. 

Album Art

A few things about the album art:

  1. I'm not a fan of the current look
  2. The album title is a riff on another album's title
  3. The aesthetic of the music is, overall, "dark, deep, neurons in space"


EyeWire Album Cover.jpg

The Current Artwork

(not my favorite)


Songs to Test by

The Portal 2 Soundtrack (inspired the album name)


Aesthetic Inspirations



This pic is a good representation of the space I occupied while writing a lot of the music. Deep blues and purples, perhaps with a touch of neon/light.

Here's some neuron/brain stuff - Neurons also seem to be represented this way pretty often

neurons/brain stuff

neurons/brain stuff

The Pitch

EyeWire is all about completing neuron cubes. (You can learn a little bit about the game on this webpage - click "explore")

So far, what I'm thinking for the look is: some deep blues, purples, generally a space background - something that feels relaxed and pleasantly "dark."  

Nuerons connected with these little cubes guys (kind of like the above, except with EyeWire-inspired cubes instead of the blobs up there

Possibly, some sort of homage to the Portal 2 soundtrack image - maybe putting the title in caps inside of brackets at the top, putting EyeWire Soundtrack at the bottom, and sticking Slide20xl (my name as an artist) on there somewhere. Maybe there could also be a small person standing on a ledge looking up at the background? That might be too literal an homage, though.

These are the ideas that I have in mind, but I'd love to hear what you're thinking - I've found that my music works best when it's a collaboration between me and the client, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same for you

Digital Booklet

I wanted to add something to this album re-release - I figured a digital booklet might work. 

I'd love to get some of your materials to use for backgrounds / your font choices / your colors / etc etc to make sure the booklet stays consistent with the style you use for the album art. I can take care of the design of that, for the most part, though.

Here's what one looks like. I think I'll try to keep things roughly this simple.

So my thing is - I don't exactly understand the iTunes guidelines for a digital booklet. I've pasted those below - I'm also very new to the idea of embedding fonts and would love some consultation on that, in particular, too.

  • PDF format with “.pdf” extension

  • Four-page minimum

  • All fonts embedded

  • 72 dpi minimum

  • 11 in x 8.264 in (28 cm x 21 cm)

  • RGB color

  • Horizontal presentation

  • All images full-bleed

  Important: These booklets are expressly designed for the iTunes Store format, and cannot be reproductions of the liner notes with borders to increase their size. 

Content Considerations:

  • When saving as PDF, make sure the document opens full screen with no negative space surrounding the document.

  • File size should be reasonable (8 - 10 MB max). If the digital booklet is many pages, consider using fewer images or optimizing images to achieve lower overall file size.

  • Printer’s marks are not allowed.

  • You cannot sell or advertise other products or services. No other promotional sites are allowed.

  • No links to anything outside of the booklet, except to the artist and/or label website(s).

  • No time-sensitive information (for example, a promotion or dates for an upcoming tour or concert).

If that sounds good, I'd love to get a quote for the work.